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Chemins de câbles filaires Cablofil | Legrand Algérie


Une gamme complète pour une flexibilité optimale

L’offre de solutions globales de chemins de câbles en fil d’acier soudés (et d’accessoires) proposée par Cablofil est l’une des plus complètes du marché. Elle offre une véritable liberté de cheminement en permettant la réalisation de configurations multiples dans un vaste choix de finitions pour une intégration optimale dans tous les environnements.
Cablofil wiremesh cable trays

A safe, high-performance and cost-effective system

The patented safety edge (T-joint system which is kinder to the hands) and special mechanical design of Cablofil solutions (span of 2 metres) allow cables to be carried and managed efficiently, cost-effectively and easily scaled up. The 90% open structure of the cable trays makes it easier to visually inspect and maintain the cables, guarantees minimum cable temperature rise and minimises retention of dust or water: this ensures a higher safety level, substantial savings on operating costs and faster, more efficient cleaning of installations.

Quick, easy installation

The Cablofil offer includes solutions with quick fixing systems which save time during installation: - Autoclic: fast coupling solution without nuts and bolts - Fasclic: pre-coupled cable tray Faslock auto, a toolless accessory, makes it simplicity itself to create bends: you can create changes of direction on site without the need for a special tool! Installing wiremesh solutions is also made easier by the complete range of support systems: wall brackets, suspension brackets, hangers, Strut rails, etc.