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Interrupteur ouvert DMX³-I4000 débrochable taille 2 - 3P - 4000A


Interrupteur ouvert DMX³-I4000 débrochable taille 2 - 3P - 4000A

REF. 028788 EAN. 3245060287887

DMX³-I, interrupteur ouvert pour la coupure en charge et le sectionnement en tête des installations basse tension

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Caractéristiques techniques

Version as main switch Yes
Version as maintenance-/service switch Yes
Version as safety switch Yes
Version as emergency stop installation Yes
Version as reversing switch No
Max. rated operation voltage Ue AC 690 V
Rated operating voltage 230-690 V
Rated permanent current Iu 4000 A
Rated permanent current at AC-21, 400 V 4000 A
Rated short-time withstand current lcw 85 kA
Rated operation power at AC-23, 400 V 1600 kW
Conditioned rated short-circuit current Iq 85 kA
Number of poles 3
Number of auxiliary contacts as normally closed contact 4
Number of auxiliary contacts as normally open contact 4
Number of auxiliary contacts as change-over contact 4
Motor drive optional Yes
Motor drive integrated Yes
Voltage release optional Yes
Device construction Built-in device slide-in technique (withdrawable)
Suitable for floor mounting Yes
Suitable for front mounting 4-hole No
Suitable for front mounting centre No
Suitable for distribution board installation Yes
Suitable for intermediate mounting No
Colour control element Grey
Type of control element Push button
Interlockable Yes
Type of electrical connection of main circuit Screw connection
Degree of protection (IP), front side IP30


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